Andrew Howell’s Sarnia Real Estate Philosophy

The 12-Pronged Approach That Has Made Andrew Howell a Top-Ranked Sarnia REALTOR®

I want the first words in that chapter to be, “Thanks to my REALTOR®, I…

I understand that the services we provide can have an impact on your life for years to come.

It’s entirely within our reach to make sure your real estate experience is a great one — and I’m going to do everything I can to meet that goal.

Below, I would like to share with you my guiding philosophy for serving real estate clients in the Sarnia-Lambton area. It’s more than a mission statement or a general commitment to client service, though that’s certainly at the center of my approach.

Rather, what follows is a twelve-pronged explication of what I believe you deserve from ma as your Sarnia real estate agency. You might think of it as a “governing document” for our firm, intended to put in writing the core philosophies that have made Andrew Howell one of the top-ranked REALTORS® in the world.


Real estate agency begins and ends with passion. You need your realtor to care. How much they care can have a direct impact on the outcome of your transaction.

In our industry, passion is the difference between settling for a house and finding the home you never knew you dreamt of. It can mean the difference between breaking even or owning equity. It can turn a stressful moving experience into an exciting adventure.

In real estate, passion can translate directly to dollars and cents. You deserve as much of it as we can muster.


Whether you’re buying or selling, your story isn’t like anyone else’s. Before we show you houses or start talking numbers, we want to get a big picture view of where you’d like to be.

What’s the future you’re envisioning? What are your financial goals? Are there aspects to your home search or home sale that are unique?

I am committed to listening, hearing, understanding, and helping.


One should never leap without looking first. After we’ve met with our clients and listened to their story, we pour ourselves into preparation.

If you’re buying a home in Sarnia, we want to bring you a comprehensive overview of the properties and neighborhoods that match your search parameters — including those you might never have thought of. We also want to present you with a wide range of financing options, home buying strategies, and any available incentives that might put you in a better position as buyers.

If you’re selling a home in Sarnia, you can count on us to perform an in-depth market analysis — complete with data from recent comparable home sales in your area —to help you make informed pricing decisions. We’ll discuss different pre-listing tactics and strategies that might prove advantageous. We will also work to identify the types of buyers most likely to act on your home and put together a marketing plan to match.


Andrew Howell’s policy on communication with clients is really quite simple: we reply to emails. We answer our phones. We get back to our clients. We never keep anyone in the dark.

Creative Thinking

There are no problems, only solutions. Creative thinking is the tool that reveals those solutions. We try always to resist the limitations of our own perspective, working hard to think outside the box and consider every possible approach.

Helping Hand

Moving doesn’t have to be the stressor it’s purported to be, nor does buying or selling a home in Sarnia need to be a mystery. We’re here to help with every aspect of your move — before, during, and after the transaction.

We’re a resource. Rely on us as one.

Lifelong Relationship

If there’s one word that sums up Andrew Howell’s business philosophy, it’s community.

“As a Sarnia realtor,” he says, “my clients are also my neighbors. In many cases, they become my friends. At the very least, I hope to be available to them as a resource for many years to come. These are long-term relationships I’m building.”

For us, helping you buy or sell your home is no one-and-done proposition. We hope to stay in touch and to be as helpful as you want us to be.


You might be surprised how many people hesitate to contact a realtor because they don’t know if they’re ready yet and don’t want to feel rushed.

Andrew Howell, we will never be in a bigger hurry than you are.

Ready to take action now? Let us know, and we’ll get things going.

Just testing the waters, taking your first steps, or trying to learn about Sarnia real estate as a first-time homebuyer? That’s okay too. We’re here to walk by your side. You set the pace.

Market Knowledge

Real estate knowledge doesn’t easily transfer from one market to the next. That’s why it’s important to work with someone who knows Sarnia inside and out — and who understands the market here, up to the minute.

Andrew Howell ranks as one of the top REALTORS® in Sarnia and is one of RE/MAX’s top-ranked REALTORS® in the world. He was born and raised in Sarnia and has spent a lifetime here. It is this inherent understanding of our local market — coupled with a commitment to smart, 21st century marketing — that has made Andrew Howell a leader in Southern Ontario home sales.

Candor and Privacy

When a client hires us, what they’re essentially saying is, “I trust you with one of the most important and substantial transactions of my life.”

That’s an incredible thing. It’s an honor. We take it seriously. And that means always giving you our honest thoughts on each aspect of the transaction.

You can count on our candor for everything from the price point (for sellers) to whether the home you have your eye on is really what you want… or worth the price (for buyers).

But with candor comes two inherent responsibilities, which we take just as seriously: confidence and respect. We will approach our every interaction with the discretion and respectfulness you deserve. We care about your privacy and we will do everything we can to protect it.


While real estate agents aren’t attorneys, we do share one thing in common with them: we fight for our clients. As Sarnia real estate agents, we do everything we can to advance our client’s best interests throughout every transaction. We want you to feel confident that your realtor is working for you.


At the end of the day, you’re hiring Andrew Howell because of our expertise in the Sarnia real estate market. We are mindful of that, and we’re committed to following through on our promise of expertise every day.

We also know expertise can languish if not nourished. Andrew Howell’s active involvement in his community and in the Sarnia-Lambton real estate market ensures that our agency’s expertise is kept current and cutting-edge. A big believer in technology, Andrew has equipped our agency with the latest software and web apps for real estate professionals in Canada, as well as social media and online marketing tools.

Work with Top Sarnia Realtor Andrew Howell, a Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Expert

We focus on so much more than transactions. We help our clients make well-rounded decisions based on data, strategy, marketing timing, and lifestyle vision. Just as importantly, we lend our time and effort to every aspect of your move, with the patience and attention you deserve.

Andrew Howell has created this agency with community as its cornerstone principle, and he’s here to help you make the most of the place we call home: beautiful Sarnia, Ontario.

If you need a knowledgeable REALTOR® who cares about his clients, loves his community, and knows Sarnia inside and out, give Andrew Howell a call at (519) 402-1277  today.