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Buying a Home in Sarnia with One of the World’s Top-Ranked REALTORS®

Andrew Howell Can Help You Find the Right Home at the Right Price

Every buyer comes to the real estate market with a different background, a different level of real estate experience, and a different vision for the future.

We meet you where you are. Our commitment is to listen, learn, and fundamentally understand what you want out of the home buying experience.

Whether you’re new to Sarnia or home buying in general — or whether you’re a longtime local with years of home buys under your belt — we are here to help you find your new dream home in record time and at the right price.

Andrew Howell ranks as one of the top REALTORS® in Sarnia and is one of RE/MAX’s top-ranked REALTORS® in the world. He’s spent his entire life in Sarnia, and it’s that inherent understanding of the market — coupled with a commitment to smart, 21st century marketing — that has made Andrew Howell one of Sarnia’s leading real estate agents for home buyers in Canada.

We combine market knowledge with buyer marketing and strategic transaction guidance to make the home buying process fast, easy, and effective.

We Will Help You Choose the Right Neighbourhood, the Right Time, the Right Terms, and the Right Price

We want to educate you. Sarnia real estate is our whole world. We know it inside and out, minute by minute. When you work with us, you can expect us to paint a crystal-clear picture of the Sarnia real estate market as it stands right now.

Our first-time home buyer clients walk away from the Andrew Howell Home Buying Experience as veritable experts in Sarnia real estate. It’s an education that will last you a lifetime, long after you’ve closed on your new home, moved in, and embarked on your new future.

There’s a lot to know about buying a home in Sarnia. Andrew will ask the critical questions that haven’t occurred to you and then help you answer them.

  • Where do you want to live?
  • What are your top, middle, and lower priorities?
  • What do you know about the schools in Sarnia?
  • What can you really afford? (It might be more or less than you think.)
  • How do you know if you’re paying the right price for a home?
  • When’s the right time to buy?
  • What do you need to do put yourself in a position to qualify for the loan you want?
  • What are the home buyer incentives, tax breaks, financing options, government programs, and negotiation strategies that could change the math on your home buying strategy (ideally for the better)?

Andrew Howell is a big believer in relationship. He built his business with that commitment in mind.

“The way I see it,” Andrew says, “I live in Sarnia too. When I help you buy a home here, I’m also welcoming you to the same community I’ve called home my whole life. Quite literally, I am lending a helping hand to my new neighbour. And I know that I’ll be seeing my clients around town long after the deal is done. That’s what I hope for.”

“Ideally,” Andrew continues, “I will stay in touch with my clients forever — as a resource for help in the future, in nothing else. It’s almost inevitable. So given that reality, it really, really matters that I help my home buyers find the right fit and a happy ending. We’re all connected, and it’s ultimately community that motivates me.”

Look Before You Leap: The Importance of Research, Preparation, and Market Knowledge

Buying a home is an art, a science, and a strategy. Timing matters. Presentation matters. Search parameters matter. The best decisions are well-informed ones. We’ll give you all the info you need… and make it easy to understand.

One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is assuming they already know every inch of Sarnia. The reality is that, unless you’re a real estate agent, there are probably gorgeous corners of this community you’ve never explored.

When you work with us on buying a home in Sarnia, we’ll make sure you know all your options. We might even open your eyes to a sweet spot or a lifestyle you haven’t imagined before. But at the end of the day, it’s what you want and where you want to be that steers the course.

Yes, Marketing Matters for Home Buyers Too

As one of the top Sarnia real estate agencies and brokerages, we serve both buyers and sellers.

You might not be surprised to learn that successfully selling a home requires a marketing strategy. It’s a core part of our service as an agent to home sellers.

But did you know that we use many of those same marketing techniques to benefit buyers too?

Andrew Howell built his busniesss as both a real estate agency and a marketing agency, utilizing best practices and emerging trends from the worlds of traditional outbound marketing and digital inbound marketing.

Here’s how we use those methodologies to help you when buying a home in Sarnia:

  • We add you to our private database of qualified buyers and then send you email updates about new or recent listings that match your search criteria.
  • Through email and social media, we can market you to potential sellers before their homes hit the market (and sometimes before they’ve even decided to sell).
  • Our relationships with REALTORS®, brokers, and agencies all around Sarnia and Canada keep us ahead of the curve so that you have a competitive edge.
  • While buyers are ultimately the “shoppers,” the truth is that sellers choose their buyers too. Especially in a competitive market, sellers sometimes have their pick of purchasers. We work hard to market you as an attractive buyer within your price range and search parameters while always putting your best interests first.
  • We actively monitor social media and popular forums for new entries into the Sarnia real estate market so that you never miss out on an opportunity that hasn’t yet made its way to the public listings or real estate search engines.
  • Because we have substantial, award-winning, record-breaking experience as sellers, we’re able to give our buyers an “insider’s perspective.” We’ll help you look past the puffery and marketing tactics to determine a home’s true value.

A Hand to Hold: Navigating the Transaction

Real estate transactions are complex, and they can be a big source of stress — even for sophisticated buyers. No matter what your level of experience with buying a home in Sarnia may be, Andrew Howell is here to help you make wise, strategic, results-oriented decisions at every turn.

From pre-qualification to loan application, the mortgage process, contract negotiation, inspections, appraisals, closing, moving out, moving in, and beyond, we are here to help you at every step of the way.

There’s no substitute for experience. We’ve handled countless home hunts, purchases, and closings. We know what to look for, what to watch out for, and what to work toward.

Andrew Howell is committed to working with each of our clients as both a partner and an advocate from beginning to end.

When Is the Right Time to Contact Andrew Howell?

It’s never too early to reach out. Whether you’re merely curious about a future home search or are ready to buy today, we encourage you to contact us online or give us a call.

If you’re a first-time home buyer, you probably have a lot of questions. Let Andrew Howell answer them. There’s no pressure, no expectation, and no obligation. Andrew Howell will never rush you or push you to take action before the time is right.

Buying a home in Sarnia is all about taking one step at a time. Here’s step one: contact Andrew Howell and tell us what’s on your mind.

Why Choose Andrew Howell As Your Sarnia REALTOR®?

As one of the top real estate agents in Sarnia, Andrew Howell’s credentials speak for themselves:

  • Ranked in the top 1.5% of RE/MAX REALTORS® worldwide
  • Four-time Chairman’s Club award winner, given to the top 3% of REALTORS® in Canada (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Named as one of RE/MAX Torchbearer’s Top 40 Under 40
  • More than 90% of Howell & Associate’s business is generated from referrals from Andrew’s happy clients.
  • Nationally ranked in real estate sales during each year of his career as a Sarnia REALTOR®
  • Andrew has spent a lifetime in Sarnia and has built our business out of a genuine, heartfelt passion for Sarnia’s lifestyle, culture, and community.
  • Andrew Howell will donate a portion of every commission to The Children’s Miracle Network, meaning your happy ending contributes to someone else’s too — at no additional cost to you.

Work With One of the Top Sarnia REALTORS® for Home Buyers

Buying a home in Sarnia will be one of the most important and impactful experiences of your life. Working with the right real estate agent can make all the difference.

If you’re ready to buy a home in Sarnia and need a knowledgeable REALTOR® who cares about his clients, loves his community, and knows Sarnia inside and out — or even if you just want to learn more about the home buying process — give Andrew Howell a call at (519) 402-1277 or contact Andrew Howell online today.

The Results Speak for Themselves.

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