Use a Local Expert

Recently I have had several offers come in for properties from “out of town”, let’s call them “Agents”. ┬áThere are some huge issues with this and in fact I believe the Agent is not living up to their fiduciary duty of putting the client’s best interests first. Some simple questions asked to that Realtor would point out some obvious issues: Have you seen the home in person? How many homes have you sold in this area? Are there any future plans to change local zoning? What is the average days on market of this neighborhood?

Another huge issue and maybe the biggest of all — insider knowledge to the market. Ie, finding out about “hot new listings” before they become public. This is just not an option with an agent who doesn’t live, work, or have close relationships with Agents, friends, family, clients in that area.

I have had clients ask me to help them find a home in Mississauga, downtown Toronto, Hamilton. My response has always been and will continue to be “I can refer you to a local expert. I don’t know anything about that location”. This should always be the instant reaction of a good Realtor. Putting money aside and the clients best needs first; it is the only logical answer.

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